Why muscles don’t grow

Hello everyone. Today we will touch on the problem of the lack of visible progress .

You go to the gym, work out like a maniac, but there is still no progress. Let’s try to figure out why muscles don’t grow .

We all got acquainted with the iron sport in approximately the same way. We watched a movie with Arnold with a friend and wanted to become as strong and beautiful. We found his training program and went to sign up to the nearest gym. We worked hard on it for a month, but there is no progress, the muscles have not grown a single gram.

You may be lucky to have a trainer in your gym. He will give you an advanced muscle building technique. After 8 weeks of classes using the new method, the picture is the same. Not an ounce of muscle tissue. Still ashamed to undress. Vague suspicions begin to creep in. Why don’t my muscles grow? So much effort and time spent, but the result is zero. Maybe the gym is wrong, or the program does not suit me, probably, I once offended the coach. In general, it’s time to tie up with these pieces of iron, I’ll go, I’d better sign up for a ski club.

The vast majority of novice athletes quit doing this without achieving the desired results and not gaining even a kilogram of muscle mass. Why is this happening. The answer is simple. Because people want to see results immediately, right after a week of gym work. And this, as a rule, does not happen. You need to have a lot of patience and unswervingly follow the plan, only in this case you will be successful. All the goals are more than real, you just need patience and perseverance in your studies. Be sure to keep a workout diary to stay on track.

This is the main reason why muscles don’t grow.

So, the first thing to understand: patience is required to achieve the result. It is not for nothing that I put this point in the first place. If you quit training after a month, then no super programs and sports nutrition will help you.

The second most important item is nutrition. Yes, exactly, food. As one ancient physician and philosopher said: “We are what we eat.” How right he is. Adequate amounts of nutrients and calories are required for muscle growth. Take the time to calculate the calorie content of the diet. Pick a day and write down everything you ate for that day, calculate the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and their calories. It will be very useful for you in the future.

Don’t forget about sports nutrition. This is a good help in the athlete’s nutritional regimen. Eat carbohydrate shakes before your workout and protein shakes after. This will greatly speed up your post-workout recovery. Eat only high quality protein foods (eggs, milk, fish, chicken, turkey, etc.)

The third point for muscle growth is the workouts themselves. Thousands of articles have been written about them on the Internet. There is no point in repeating here. I will just say that for the growth of muscle tissue, it is undoubtedly necessary to do basic exercises. Everything else is just nuances. Only hard basic exercises lead to micro-tears of muscle tissue and its subsequent recovery and growth.

And, of course, don’t forget about rest. It must be complete. Muscles grow during rest, in between workouts. At your leisure, you can read an interesting article on the Parimatch blog – https://parimatch.co.tz/blog/sw/parimatch-jinsi-ya-kuweka-fedha-kwa-mara-ya-kwanza-kwenye-tovuti-ya-kubashiri-mtandaoni-tanzania/. So if you worked hard in the gym, and then went to unload the wagons, then you will get nothing but overtraining. Give your body 2-3 days of rest between intense workouts. Do not worry, during this time your muscles will not disappear anywhere. After an intense workout, it’s a good idea to go to the bathhouse or sauna and order a relaxing massage.

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