Why do women train buttocks?

This phenomenon has been around for many years. According to my observations, 90% of girls who visit modern fitness centers really pay tremendous attention to the muscles of the legs and priests. Why did it happen? I would like to not seriously understand this issue.

If you have noticed, then nature has endowed the beautiful half of humanity with several advantages at once, which can be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes you look and think what attracts you more: a prominent bust in the front or a prominent bust in the back. This is a difficult choice that neither a man can make.

качают ягодицы

It is much more difficult for men, because our only dignity is hidden behind “wide proletarian trousers” and to show it is not accepted in a decent society. And if girls are able to pump up their dignity, then it is much more difficult for men: we have to put up with circumstances and learn to live with what nature has given us.

Why do most women in the gym swing their buttocks?

There are a number of minor reasons here:

1. FASHION. Today, many psychologists say that the fashion for thin models is passing and modern men like girls with forms. You don’t have to go far, remember at least Kim Kardashian, Anastasia Kvitko or Rahi Giovanni. All these celebrities have outstanding “fifths” and every day millions of men leaf through their Instagram in the hope of seeing their naughty photos.

2. Losing weight. Many women, coming to the gym, want to throw off excess fat from their “sirloin”. However, they do not take into account one small nuance: the whole body is losing weight. It is impossible to make only legs or arms lose weight. Unfortunately, people’s ignorance of their own physiology leads to the following conclusions: “fat legs – I will swing my legs, a big belly – I will do abs, fat on my butt – I will swing my ass”, etc. Therefore, a good good half of the gym does lunges with dumbbells, squats and cardio. This is fundamentally wrong, the body needs a comprehensive training and then there will be a result.

качают ягодицы

3. COMPENSATION . A very common occurrence: there is a bust in front, but there is nothing to sit on behind))) Well, it happens. Offended by the nature of women, they run into a rocking chair and begin to squat furiously, wanting to build up the gluteal muscles and, so to speak, equalize the parameters of the figure. This approach will give a small effect, but the same system works here as with losing weight – you cannot pump only an arm or just a leg. The body will always strive for symmetry and will not allow one or another part of the body to grow excessively. Hence the conclusion: you need to train the whole body, then there will be progress.

As you can see, women have a lot of reasons to swing the ass. I would say that all women’s problems rest exactly there))) Dear ladies, we love you very much and if suddenly you do not know how to train correctly, then do not hesitate and ask a more experienced athlete. A real gentleman, you will definitely be helped.

I hope you understand that this article was written for the sake of laughter, but at the same time it gives an exhaustive answer to the question: why do women swing their buttocks?

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