T-Bar Row

Good day, dear readers of my blog. Today we’ll talk about such an exercise for developing back muscles as T-bar deadlift .

This exercise is not very popular among athletes, and in vain. When performing this exercise, the main load falls on the broadest muscles of the back. In addition, the trapezius muscles, the large round and rhomboid muscles, the posterior deltas and the muscles of the arms (biceps and forearm muscles) are involved in the work.

We all see in the gym how athletes do barbell or dumbbell rows in an incline, various block pulls, but only a few do t-bar pulls . Perhaps this is due to the lack of the necessary inventory.

This exercise can be done on a special platform and in a simulator with an emphasis. Let’s consider the first option first.

Platform T-Bar Row

We stand on a special platform. It consists of two footrests with a bar between them (see the picture below).

To perform the exercise, we stand with our feet on the platform. We bend them a little at the knee joints. Tilt the torso forward by about 45 degrees. Keep your back straight, slightly bent at the lower back. With our hands we grab the bar handles, grip from above. This is our starting position.

Then we take a deep breath and pull the bar towards the chest with the strength of the back muscles. At the top point, we exhale, straining our backs as much as possible, then slowly lower the projectile to its original position. Do the exercise the planned number of times.

Throughout the exercise, it is necessary to keep the torso motionless, and perform the movements smoothly, without sudden jerks and cheating. Do not round your back, which puts a dangerous load on your lower back.

The second option is a t-bar deadlift with an emphasis.

For the second option, we need a platform with an emphasis. How does she look. The picture below shows everything. I think everything is clear.

So, first you need to adjust the support for your height so that the upper part of the chest is on a special soft pillow. We stand on the platform for the feet. We lay down with our chest on the cushion of the simulator, with our hands we grasp the handles (if you noticed, there are two of them: for a straight and neutral grip. Depending on the type of grip, different parts of the back are loaded. When using a straight grip, the upper back is mainly loaded, when using a neutral grip, load is shifted to the lower back).

Next, remove the bar from the racks and hold it with outstretched arms. This is our starting position. Then we breathe in and slowly raise the bar, straining the muscles of the back. After a short pause, slowly return the projectile to its original position. We do the required number of repetitions. Basically, the implementation of these two options is almost the same.

Yes, I almost forgot. If you do not have a simulator in the gym to perform this exercise, and you cannot imagine your workouts without this exercise, then you can do it with a regular barbell.

To do this, we put pancakes on one end of the bar, the other end (free) we rest against a corner, wall or some kind of simulator. With our hands we grab the bar near the pancakes. Otherwise, the technique is the same, I will not repeat myself.

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