Swing biceps on the Scott bench

Good day, friends. Let’s continue with the various exercises. Today we’ll talk about how to build biceps on the Scott bench . The vast majority of athletes strive to maximize the development of the biceps brachii. Biceps is a kind of an athlete’s calling card. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have impressive hands.

Scott Bench is simply a super trainer for isolated stimulation of the biceps brachii. It is named after its creator, two times holder of the title of Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott. If you look at his biceps at 23 and 64, they barely changed.

Dumbbells, a regular barbell, or an EZ barbell are used to work out the biceps in this exercise. The exercise is insulating, the main load is naturally exerted by the biceps brachii muscle, as well as the brachial and brachioradialis muscles. Thanks to this, the shape and relief of the biceps are honed, and also allows you to raise the peak of the biceps, in addition, the lower third of the biceps muscle stands out favorably with a straightened arm. Use these exercises to build your overall biceps.

How to build biceps on the Scott bench

For execution we need this very bench. I will not describe how this simulator works. Look at the photo and you will understand everything yourself.

So, we find the simulator. As a rule, it is designed for a seated exercise. The first step is to adjust the height of the inclined arm cushion for your height. Adjust the height so that when you sit on the machine, your back is straight and the top edge of the recline stand is at armpit level (resting against your armpits). You should hang slightly on the stand.

By the way, you can watch the correct exercise technique in video format. So, we have decided on the position of the body. Now we put our hands on an inclined stand in such a way that they lie on it with the entire back surface of the shoulder. If your arms rest against the support with your elbows, and there is a gap between the support and the upper third of the shoulder, then you need to lift the palmrest up.

When we have positioned ourselves in the simulator in the correct way, we ask our partner to give us a barbell or dumbbells. I always use a barbell with a curved bar for this exercise. Which is what I advise you. It is both convenient and effective.

We take the barbell with a grip from the bottom slightly narrower than the shoulders (the bend of the neck itself will tell you the correct position of the hands). We take a breath and slowly lower the barbell down, unbending our arms at the elbow joints. It is necessary to lower it until your arms are almost completely straightened at the elbows. To prevent injury to the elbow and shoulder muscles, never fully extend your arms to the lock. Having reached the bottom point, immediately begin to bend your arms, returning the barbell to its original position and straining your biceps as much as possible. We exhale. We carry out the planned number of repetitions.

It is necessary to pump biceps on the Scott bench on the day of arm training, after the main basic exercise on the shoulder muscles, for example, curls with a barbell or pull-ups with a reverse grip. 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps are enough.

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