Romanian deadlift

Hello everyone. Today we will look at another great exercise for the muscles of the back and legs, namely, Romanian deadlift .

This exercise was invented by Romanian weightlifters, who were the undisputed leaders in weightlifting in the 70s (hence the name of the exercise).

When performing the Romanian deadlift, the main load falls on the extensors of the spine, gluteal muscles and muscles of the back of the thigh. Thanks to this exercise, the volume of the upper thigh increases, there is a clear border between the gluteal muscle and the hamstring.

Romanian Deadlift Technique

To complete this exercise, we need a regular barbell, as in the classic deadlift. Better to place it on racks at hip level. We take the barbell with a grip from above, palms slightly wider than shoulders. We remove the bar from the racks. We stand straight, slightly bending in the lower back. Move your shoulders back. Legs are shoulder-width apart, fully extended at the knee joints. We hold the bar on straight arms, the bar in the upper third of the thigh. This is our starting position.

We take a deep breath and begin to slowly lean forward, while pulling the pelvis back, keep our back straight, do not round. When doing the exercise, the bar should slide along the front of your legs, practically touching them.

We go down until your torso is almost parallel to the floor, with the barbell in the area of ​​the upper or middle third of the shins. Having reached the bottom point, we change the direction of movement to the opposite, and begin to slowly straighten up along the same trajectory. Having overcome the most difficult part of the trajectory, we exhale and fully straighten ourselves. Perform the exercise the required number of times.

Romanian Deadlift can be done on the day of a back or leg workout, for example after a barbell squat. 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps are enough. After this exercise, you can do a couple of sets of leg curls in the hamstring machine. In addition, the Romanian deadlift can be included in the training program instead of the classic deadlift (in order to diversify your program).

Helpful Hints

Before doing this exercise, you need to warm up well. Pedal on a stationary bike, run on a treadmill, or work out with a bodybar.

Throughout the exercise, keep your back straight and slightly arched in the lumbar spine. If this fails, the working weight must be reduced.

Do not bend your knees throughout the exercise, with the fulcrum at your heels. In this position, the main load falls on the upper part of the hamstring.

Keep the bar at the surface of the legs throughout the exercise, when lowering the bar straight down, the bar is deflected forward, while a dangerous load falls on the lower back. This is the most common mistake novice athletes make. Try to avoid it by developing the correct exercise technique with a low weight.

Tilt the pelvis back along with lowering the torso down. This is such a peculiar highlight of this exercise.

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