Mass Gain Workout Program

Hello everyone. Today I will share with you my weight gain workout program .

When I first started doing iron sports, I did the same set of exercises for every workout. I did not see any particular effect, although I became somewhat more enduring. After a month of such studies, I realized that I was standing still and needed to change something.

After digging in sports magazines and crawling the sites for a program to gain mass, I became the proud owner of two amazing books: Super Training by Mike Mentzer and “Think” by Stuart McRobert. I read these books avidly. At that time, it seemed to me that I had found the secret secret of building huge muscles.

I worked hard according to these methods for a year, got stronger a little, but no more. I must say that before I got acquainted with the barbell, I was a terrible drish, a real hard gainer, for whom an increase of one kilogram was given with great difficulty.

But now several years have passed, and 30 kg of meat have grown on my bones. Of course, these are not solid muscles, without the use of steroids, this is impossible, but also a moderate amount of fat. Significantly higher scores in the main exercises indicate that I was on the right track.

I am now ready to share with you a Mass Gain Workout Program . It is ideal for hardgainers to trigger muscle growth mechanisms.

Mass Gain Workout Program

I will say right away that in order to achieve the set goals, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the planned plan and observe the regime of rest and nutrition. We will train 3 times a week with an emphasis on basic exercises. The program uses the principle of split-system and cyclic loads. Maybe now something seems incomprehensible, don’t worry, then everything will become clear.

Monday :

Squats with a barbell on the shoulders. We perform 3-4 warm-up approaches, then 5 approaches with a working weight. We finish the workout with a press exercise.

Wednesday :

Bench press. Also 3-4 warm-up approaches, then 5 workers.
Butterfly exercise. 3 sets of 8 times.
Finish the workout with an exercise on the press

Friday :

Deadlift. Also, after 3-4 warm-up sets, we do 5 sets with a working weight. When doing, you can add 3 sets of curls with a barbell for biceps. At the end of the workout, we do abdominal exercises.

This is a general training scheme. Now let’s take a closer look. There will be an adaptation period during the first 4 weeks. During this time, your body will get used to physical activity, the ligamentous apparatus will get stronger. This period is extremely important in terms of preventing injury.

It is necessary to train at the initial stage as follows: (I will explain everything using the example of the bench press, in the squat and deadlift everything is the same, only working approaches are considered) at the first training we take a weight with which you can perform 10 repetitions, and do 5 working sets of 8 reps.

If you succeeded, then on the next workout (in a week), you add 5 kg to this weight and do 5 sets of 8 repetitions. If you managed to complete all the approaches, then after a week you add another 5 kg. Eventually, there will come a point where you can’t do 8 reps on all 5 sets (the number of sets remains the same – 5). For example, you did 8-8-7-6-5 reps.

On your next bench press workout, you don’t need to add weight, but try to do all 8 reps in each set. You can do it. Once you have done all 8 reps, then add 5 kg to the bar again and try to do all 8 reps. Maybe you will succeed in a week, maybe in 2 or 3.

We understand that this cannot go on forever. There will come a point when you get to a weight that you can’t do all 8 reps with in 3 weeks. Congratulations, you’ve come to the point where you need to move on to the main body of your muscle-building program.

After these three weeks, it is necessary to leave the same working weight, and reduce the number of repetitions to 5. We train according to the previous scheme, adding 5 kg, only 5 repetitions per set. You won’t be able to progress like this for a long time (we are not chemists), there will come a week in which you will not be able to do all 5 repetitions in all 5 approaches. We try to break the weight for a couple of weeks, if it doesn’t work, then we remember the weight and take a week of complete rest.

Now it’s time to switch to load cycling . We also train according to the 5 × 5 scheme. The training cycle will be 10 weeks long. At 7-8 weeks of the cycle, we should press the weight at which we stopped before the week’s rest, and which had to be remembered (let’s take 8 weeks for example). We will add 2.5 kg each week. For example, we could not squeeze 70 kg weight 5 times in five sets. So our loop will look like this:

10 week: 75.0 kg – 5 × 5
9 week: 72.5 kg – 5 × 5
8 week: 70.0 kg – 5 × 5
7 week: 67.5 kg – 5 × 5
6 week: 65.0 kg – 5 × 5
5 week: 62.5 kg – 5 × 5
4 weeks: 60.0 kg – 5 × 5
3 weeks: 57.5 kg – 5 × 5
2 weeks: 55.0 kg – 5 × 5
1 week: 52.5 kg – 5 × 5

Thus, the increase per cycle will be 5-7.5 kg, in the squat and deadlift, you can add 10-15 kg per cycle. After completing the cycle, you need to take a week break, add 5-7.5 kg to the initial weight (weight at 1 week) and repeat the cycle. This cycling will allow you to continually progress and improve your performance in core exercises. And if strength grows, then muscles will inevitably grow.

Squat, bench press, and deadlift cycles must be started and finished together so that the load increases smoothly in all exercises.

Auxiliary exercises such as a butterfly and biceps curls can be omitted at all, but I did it, so for the soul, you will pick up the weights in them yourself.

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