Lifting dumbbells in front of you

Hello everyone. How about developing broad and powerful shoulders? If you don’t mind, today we will analyze another good exercise for the deltoid muscles – lifting dumbbells in front of you .

This exercise is insulating and targets the front bundles and part of the middle handle of the deltoid muscles. It is used to sharpen the relief and shape the deltoid muscles, as well as visually separate the deltas from the pectoral muscles.

This exercise is Ronnie Coleman’s favorite delt pumping exercise. As he said in his interview: “To pump the front bundle of deltoid muscles is possible only by performing lifts. In bench exercises, he is also loaded, but to a lesser extent. ” Look at Coleman’s shoulders. I think there is no reason not to trust his words.

How to lift dumbbells in front of you

This exercise can be performed with both dumbbells and a barbell. Today we will consider the first option. For this we need two dumbbells of not very heavy weight.

We take dumbbells with a grip and place them in one line in front of us in the area of ​​the upper third of the thigh. The arms are straight, slightly bent at the elbow joints. The back is straight, slightly bent in the lumbar spine. This is our starting position.

We take a deep breath and, holding our breath, raise our right hand in front of us to shoulder level (the hand should be parallel to the floor or slightly higher). At the top point, we exhale and slowly lower our hand to its original position. We do the same with our left hand.

In general, you can perform this exercise in different ways: raise both hands at once, alternate hands after each repetition, or do separate approaches on the right and left hands. I like the second option better. It allows you to focus as much as possible on an individual rep. I don’t like raising both arms at once, because in this case, we will inevitably help ourselves with the muscles of the back, but we need, on the contrary, to maximize the load on the deltoid muscles.

You can also do this exercise using a neutral grip with the palms facing each other. But this reduces the load on the front delta beam. So if you want to maximize your deltas, always use the overhand grip.

If during the exercise you are forced to help yourself with your back muscles, and your knees bend with each lift, then the weight is too much for you. This cheating relieves the load on the deltoid muscles. Better to train with light weights, master the correct technique, and then gradually add working weights.

Front Dumbbell Curls , as I said, is an isolation exercise and, like any isolation exercise, must be performed after the main basic exercise. The basic exercise can be any pressing movement – bench press, push-ups from the floor with a load, and others. If you use a separate day to train the deltoids, the dumbbell lifts should be done after the basic deltoid exercises. These are the army press or the Arnold press. Usually 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps are sufficient.

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