Incline Bench Press

Hello everyone. Not so long ago, I wrote about one of the main basic exercises, namely the classic bench press.

Today we will try to figure out how to do the correct incline press .

In general, the incline bench press can be of two types: with a downward and upward incline of the bench. Depending on the location of the head end, the lower or upper part of the pectoral muscles is emphasized. To complete this exercise, we need a bench with an adjustable angle of inclination.

Incline Press Head Up

In this exercise, the main load falls on the upper part of the chest muscles, in addition, the deltoid muscles and triceps are involved in the movement. This exercise develops the shoulder girdle as a whole well.

So, we have found a suitable bench. Raise the back about 30-40 degrees. This angle is considered optimal for effective impact on the above muscles. We set the working weight. I must say right away that your working weight will be 20 percent less than in the classic bench press, always keep this in mind.

We are located on the bench. Ideally, the seat cushion should flex at the bench to provide maximum stability during the exercise. The bar is at approximately eye level. A medium grip, with your forearms perpendicular to the floor at the bottom. Feet firmly on the floor.

Remove the bar from the racks. Take a deep breath and slowly lower the bar to the upper third of the chest. After a light touch, we powerfully return the bar to its original position, straining the chest muscles. We exhale. Do the exercise the planned number of times.

For the correct exercise technique, you can here .

Incline Bench Press Head Down

When performing this modification, the main load falls on the lower and outer parts of the chest. Triceps and front delts are also involved.

We need a bench with the head end down. The optimal angle of inclination of the bench is 15-20 degrees. At the same time, the lower part of the pectoral muscles is accentuated.

In principle, the technique is not much different from the previous version. Place the bar at eye level. Remove the barbell from the racks and slowly lower it to the lower chest. Then slowly return the bar to its original position. The grip is slightly wider than the shoulders. Always use a closed grip (thumb wraps around the bar). Do the exercise for the required number of repetitions.

I would like to separately touch upon the issue of security when performing this exercise. Never do this exercise without a partner. The upside-down position in itself causes an increase in blood pressure, and performing a barbell press in this position, even more so. This can lead to loss of consciousness and injury to the athlete.

An incline bench press should be performed on the day of training the chest muscles, after the main basic exercise, for example, after the classic barbell or dumbbell press. Enough 3 sets of 8-12 reps each.

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