How to take creatine

Hello everyone. Today I want to share my experience with creatine .

At a certain stage of training, each athlete comes to the understanding that the body’s own reserves are not always enough. This applies to both additional protein, vitamins, macro- and micronutrients, and food supplements. Let’s try to figure out how to take creatine .

Some theory

Creatine was first obtained in the mid-18th century by the French chemist Chevreul from cattle meat (hence the name, in Latin, meat is Kreas ). The main amount of creatine in the human body is found in muscle tissue, up to 98 percent. And the more its supply in the body, the higher the athlete’s strength indicators. In terms of chemical structure, it belongs to proteins and is synthesized from amino acids.

This substance enters the human body with food, mainly meat and fish . A person, and even more so an athlete, should consume large quantities of beef, pork, salmon and other foods daily to replenish muscle creatine stores. For an athlete who eats well, this is not entirely acceptable because in this case, he will eat a huge amount of fat, and after a month of such a “diet”, he will turn into a sumo wrestler.

Therefore, it is necessary to take creatine as a dietary supplement . Moreover, muscles are able to store this substance 3 times more than a person gets from food. Creatine contributes to the development of muscle mass, increased strength and endurance.

How to take creatine

In general, there are many different regimens for taking this supplement. But they all boil down to two schematic diagrams:

1. The first scheme involves two phases of reception: download phase and support phase .
2. The second scheme implies the exclusion of the loading phase.

Let’s take a closer look at first option . In the loading phase, the body is saturated with this drug and an increase in its reserves in muscle tissue. This phase lasts an average of 7 days . This week you need to take 5 grams. the drug 4-6 times a day. During this period, the maximum amount of creatine accumulates in the muscle tissue, which remains at this level for a month, provided that a maintenance dose is taken.

This is where the second phase follows – the support phase. In this phase, it is necessary to take 5 g of the drug once a day for 4 weeks. This is usually enough to maintain maximum muscle concentration. After the end of the support phase, it is necessary to take a monthly break in taking the drug to restore the body’s own ability to synthesize creatine.

Now let’s look at the second option where the download phase is excluded. Judging by the literature data, the loading phase negatively affects the receptors, decreasing their sensitivity, with decreasing dosages. To avoid this, the loading phase is excluded, and the drug intake is evenly distributed over a month. Within a month, you must take 5 grams. creatine 2 times a day : in the morning immediately after sleep and an hour after training (these periods are not indicated by chance, the fact is that to achieve the maximum effect from creatine, it must be taken during periods when the blood the maximum insulin level, and this is just after sleep and one hour after training). As a rule, during these 4 weeks the maximum concentration of the drug in the body is reached, and the strength indicators increase.

Yes, I almost forgot, creatine is available in capsules and powder. I am using powder. I dilute one teaspoon (5 g) in grape juice. It’s more comfortable for me. It cannot be combined with coffee and alcohol. Regarding training: during the period of taking creatine, it should be as heavy and intense as possible, with an emphasis on basic exercises, otherwise the effect of the intake will be small.

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