How to increase testosterone levels

Hello everyone. Today we’ll talk about how to increase testosterone levels in an athlete’s body.

I think if you exercise, then you know that testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. One of the useful secondary signs for a person involved in sports is the development of the muscular system of the body.

In addition, testosterone is responsible for such beneficial characteristics as athletic aggressiveness, drive to win, etc. So, the main male sex hormone is very beneficial for athletes. There are many ways to increase it, we will consider the most basic. It should be noted that this article discusses methods for increasing the level of testosterone, which is produced in the body itself, that is, its own.

How to increase testosterone levels

So, the most direct method of development is the correct training load on the skeletal muscles. In addition to training, you should also keep in mind the factors of recovery, proper nutrition and adequate rest. It is important to understand here that even separately, each of these factors can independently lead to an increase in the level of free testosterone in the body, and the more their harmonious combination will give the greatest result.

There is a fine line when an athlete can overtrain, then all processes of increasing testosterone levels slow down, if they do not even stop and do not come to their minimum value.

How to make sure that all factors are correctly combined with each other? First of all, you need to learn to feel your body, although this instinct does not come to everyone, but only to the elite, which is why not all people involved in sports become champions.

However, you don’t need to panic because of this! The main thing is to understand the fact that for an ordinary person (a genetically gifted natural athlete), training in the gym should only serve as a stimulus for development, that is, you do not need to train for hours until you completely lose strength. The optimal workout time in the gym is 45-60 minutes. If this time is exceeded, then catabolic processes will start in the body, which after a long time will prevail in the body.

Thus, you need to learn how to give all the best for an hour of training and go to rest and recover. If you don’t know how, then you need to learn how to train hard in a short time.

However, remember to warm up! Warm-up is a very important factor, without which it will not be possible to achieve success on the way to sports heights. Always warm up very carefully before embarking on your intense workout routine. Because if an injury occurs, it can throw you very far back, and it is possible that you will not be able to fully realize yourself later.

So, hard exercises performed in a short time will give the body an extraordinary hormonal surge and the subsequent development. Just remember to properly replenish your nutrients between workouts.

There are ways to increase testosterone production using various herbal preparations. The basis of the principle of action of these drugs is their ability to influence the production of substances, which, in turn, affect the production of testosterone.

Such substances are formed in the pituitary gland, in particular, luteinizing hormone is produced, which stimulates the production of testosterone by Leydig cells. Drugs of this action include: ecdisten, tribestan, tribulustan, etc. These drugs are of herbal origin and are completely safe if used correctly. The main property of using these substances is cyclicity, that is, it is taken in certain cycles.

Another effective way to increase testosterone production is through a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, it has been scientifically proven that a healthy diet, no bad habits, and exercise lead to increased vitality and improved mood.

I would like to emphasize a healthy diet. A balanced diet, which contains all the necessary substances for the normal functioning of the body, can increase testosterone levels significantly! As for fatty, fried, saturated with sugar, etc. substances of food, it leads to a decrease in the vital functions of the body, including testosterone.

In addition, short-term painful or shock effects can have an effect on the production of this hormone. For example, running fast for a short distance or dousing with cold water can also trigger the release of additional anabolic hormone. Perhaps there are other, more exotic ways, but always be guided by reason before testing one or another method for yourself.

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