Horizontal thrust

Hello dear friends. Today we’ll look at another excellent exercise for developing back muscles – horizontal row in a block machine.

The horizontal pull primarily affects the lower latissimus, trapezius and rhomboid muscles, and indirectly the arm muscles. This exercise develops the back muscles in width, thanks to which you will have a tight, powerful back.

How to do the horizontal deadlift

To complete this exercise, we need a simulator. This makes it almost impossible to use this exercise at home. Although, there would be a desire …

So, we sit down on the simulator bench. We rest our feet on special stops. Keep the back straight, slightly bent at the lower back. We grab the handle of the simulator with our hands.

In general, there are several types of handles for this exercise. The best option is a two-handed grip. It will allow you to keep your hands close enough to each other and maintain a neutral grip (palms facing each other). With this position of the palms, the maximum amplitude of movement is maintained and the back muscles are most effectively worked out.

So, bend forward, grab the handle and straighten your back to an upright position. The chest is spread. The legs are somewhat bent at the knee joints, they stand firmly on the supports. The arms are fully extended. The weight on the machine weighs over the restraints. This is our starting position.

Take a deep breath and pull the handle towards us, into the abdomen. In this case, the elbows move along the body strictly backward. We take our elbows back as far as possible until the handle rests on your stomach. In this position, we try to strain the back muscles as much as possible. After a second pause, we relax the muscles and slowly return the handle to its original position. Perform the exercise for the required number of repetitions.

The nuances of horizontal pulling

Keep your back straight and upright throughout the approach. Do not allow the body to swing. If you have to help yourself with the body, then the weight is too heavy. Better to reduce your working weight and focus on correct technique.

Try to exclude biceps from work as much as possible, and lift the weight only with the back muscles. There are more productive exercises for the biceps. You should feel how one or another of your muscles is working and then progress is guaranteed.

Keep your legs slightly bent at the knee joints and rigidly fixed in this position throughout the entire approach.

When to do the horizontal row

Of course, on the day of back training. Can be combined with Top Pulldown or Bent Over Row. The exercise is best done in the middle of a workout, while you still have the strength to do the exercise. I usually do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Now we know how to properly horizontal pull . Incorporate it into your workout routine and half of the workouts in the gym will envy your back. I hope the article will be useful to you. In the near future, there will be a detailed review of the most effective exercises for the development of chest muscles, so I advise you to subscribe to blog updates, so as not to miss all the fun.

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