Hanging leg raises

Hello dear friends. A conversation about the development of abdominal muscles would not be complete if we did not consider the hanging legs .

This exercise is extremely effective for the development of the so-called lower press, in addition, when performing the exercise, the upper part is also worked out well in a certain way. In addition, this exercise works well on the muscles of the front of the thigh.

How to do hanging leg raises

Oddly enough, for this exercise we need a crossbar as for regular pull-ups. It is in every gym, in almost every yard, and half of us have it in the doorframe. So this shouldn’t be a problem.

So, grab the bar and straighten up completely. The height of the horizontal bar should be such that you do not touch the floor. You can find yourself on the crossbar by jumping from a stool, or by climbing up the jamb. Just kidding, of course, just a good mood.

We hang freely on the horizontal bar. The body is fully extended. The back should be slightly bent at the lower back. This is our starting position. Then, taking a deep breath and holding your breath, energetically raise your legs up as high as possible. Then we slowly lower ourselves to the starting position. Then we do the next repetition. Legs slightly bent at the knee joints throughout the approach.

If you raise your legs to approximately parallel, then the lower part of the abdominal press is mainly involved in the work. If you raise your legs high enough (some craftsmen raise their legs before they touch the crossbar), then the pelvis flexes and the upper abdominal press is included in the work.

Generally, hanging leg raises, this is a universal exercise with which you can work out all parts of the abdominal press, including its lateral areas. To do this, you need to change the angle of flexion of the pelvis and work out the oblique muscles (i.e. turn the body to the sides).

As a rule, it is difficult for novice athletes to perform this exercise with maximum amplitude. To facilitate hanging leg raises at the initial stage, it is better to raise the legs bent at the knee joints at approximately right angles.

Nuances and mistakes of hanging leg raises

As you can see, the exercise is quite simple, but, nevertheless, it has a number of nuances. The first and main mistake for beginners is rocking the body and throwing the legs up with the help of cheating. There is no point in such a performance, on the contrary, we try to isolate the abdominal muscles as much as possible, and this is achieved with the correct technique. By the way, this can be avoided by performing the exercise on the Swedish wall or on the crossbar, which is located close to the wall. In this case, your back will rest against the wall and the possibility of using cheating is practically excluded.

Hanging Leg Raises is, of course, best used in conjunction with other abdominal exercises, such as various types of curls. It is necessary to train the abdominal press at every workout, at the end of it. The abdominal muscles respond best to training when you do 20-25 repetitions in each approach. I do a set of crunches and leg raises for 3 sets in each exercise.

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