First day at the gym

Hello everyone. Today is a short article especially for beginners, for those who first time come to the gym . You are finally the proud owner of a gym membership, packed your bag and ready to train hard.

The first day at the gym is very important for every beginner athlete, regardless of whether he wants to do bodybuilding professionally, as an amateur or just to keep fit.

The first impression you get from a class will tell you whether you enjoy the sport, want to keep doing it, or decide never to cross the threshold of the gym again. Therefore, there is no need to rush and do all the exercises that you just saw on TV, you should not try to hang as many pancakes on the barbell as possible or sit in the gym until it closes.

The most important thing is to remember that you are still a beginner, and you are still very far from professional heights, and even if you have talent, in no case can you cross this distance in one step.

Warming up before the first workout is no less important than before all the others. Before touching any shells, thoroughly warm up your muscles, as they say, disperse the blood through the veins, knead the ligaments so as not to pull them at the first exercise. For the first warm-up, all the exercises that you remember from the physical education program at school are perfect.

Yes, yes, you do not need to be ashamed to do this, because at school you did the basic warm-up exercises. First of all, you need to run a few laps in the hall (if there is not enough space, and there is a treadmill in the hall, then it is perfect), then stretch all muscle groups from head to toe. Particular attention should be paid to the muscles of the neck, because the danger of their stretching arises with any strong tension of the body.

Once in my youth, when I did not stretch my neck muscles well before training, then I regretted it very much – I pulled my neck during the bench press, and after that I could not turn my head all evening and the next day. Since then, I have never forgotten to stretch my neck well. For this, circular head movements and head tilts from side to side are ideal. Do it gently and slowly, without jerking.

Next, knead in turn all the muscles and joints – shoulders, arms, wrists and even fingers (just squeeze and unclench your palm several times). Circular movements of the pelvis, bending to the sides will warm up the muscles of the back, and swinging legs (forward, backward and in a circle), respectively, will stretch the muscles of the legs.

When you feel that your body is ready for exercise, that is, all muscles and joints move easily, and you feel a pleasant warmth throughout your body, you can start exercising.

But the first few sessions can hardly be called a full-fledged workout, because until you are in shape, it is categorically not recommended to heavily load the body. If you don’t believe the words, check it yourself – in the first workout, try to do all kinds of exercises with medium weight (I’m not talking about heavy weights) at least two or three approaches, and the next day you will curse your impatience.

Of course, you can get out of bed and even go to work, school or on business, but every movement will respond with unpleasant pain in the muscles, the ligaments will not want to stretch for the usual actions. For example, if on the first day you diligently did exercises for biceps, for the next few days you will hardly be able to fully extend your elbows, and if you did squats, then later do not even think about painlessly sitting on a chair or, I’m not afraid of this word , toilet.

In general, as for the first workouts, the advice is simple – do a little and gradually. It is advisable to do introductory workouts, on which you will take on different shells in order to understand how to work with them and what muscles they act on. You do not need to do more than one approach per exercise or take large weights at once, even if others think you are strong. There is no need to rush to gain muscle mass, let your muscles gradually get used to the load. Remember – you drive quieter, you will continue.

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