Exercise crossovers

Good day, everyone. Today we will analyze an interesting exercise called crossovers . Crossover exercise targeting the lower and inner pectoral muscles.

The exercise is isolating, targeting the muscles of the chest. Unlike other pectoral exercises, such as the bench press, the triceps and deltoids are virtually non-existent. This allows for targeted and isolated action on the pectoral muscles. It will not work to build up a huge mass of pectoral muscles by performing crossovers, but it is quite possible to give shape and relief.

To perform crossovers we need a block trainer. Most gyms have one. Of course, you won’t be able to train at home. How the simulator looks like, see the photo.

How to do the crossover exercise

So, we get into the simulator between the blocks. For more stability, you can put one foot slightly forward. We grab the handles of the simulator with our hands. Tilt the torso forward slightly. We bend our arms a little at the elbow joints, palms turned towards each other. Hands are spread apart. This is our starting position.

We take a deep breath and, straining the chest muscles, bring our arms in front of us and slightly down, approximately at the level of the lower part of the pectoral muscles. After touching the hands, we strain the chest muscles as much as possible, exhale, then slowly return our hands to their original position. In the initial position, the pectoral muscles are maximally stretched. We do the planned number of repetitions.

Throughout the movement, you should feel the work of the pectoral muscles. In principle, in terms of technique and effect, this movement is similar to lifting dumbbells while lying down. So you can use it at home. However, in terms of the degree of influence on the muscles, it significantly exceeds the dilution of dumbbells, because at the moment of contact of the hands in the muscles of the chest, maximum tension is maintained, in contrast to dilutions lying down.

There are various versions of crossovers: standing, sitting, reclining, kneeling. This allows you to work your chest muscles from different angles and intensify sets. In addition, some craftsmen manage to work out each hand separately. In my opinion, this is a perversion. I do it classically – standing.

Keep your body motionless throughout the approach. If you have to help yourself with a torso movement (cheating), you should reduce your working weight. Also, do not bend your arms at the elbow joints, while the movement turns into a kind of bench press and part of the load leaves the pectoral muscles.

Crossovers should be done on the day of your chest workout after a major core exercise, such as a barbell or dumbbell bench press, or a dips. At the same time, do not postpone them until the very end of the workout, when you no longer have the strength to work intensively on the pectoral muscles. Ideally, somewhere in the middle of your workout. Enough 3 – 4 sets of 8-12 reps each.

Include a crossover exercise in your workout and you will build your dream chest!

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