Concentrated biceps curl

Hello everyone. If you have an impressive volume of arms and want to improve the shape of your biceps, then concentrated biceps curl will help solve this problem.

This exercise is isolating, affects mainly the middle part of the biceps muscle and improves the shape, relief and increases the peak of the biceps (its height increases when the arm is bent).

Concentrated Biceps Curl Technique

This exercise can be performed both standing and sitting. I like the second option better. Let’s start with him. We sit on the edge of the bench, put our legs wider than the shoulders, the feet rest tightly on the floor. The back is straight, slightly arched at the lower back. The exercise must be done separately for each hand. Let’s start with the right one.

We take a dumbbell in the right hand. The grip is supinated (palm looks up). We bend forward a little and rest our right elbow on the right thigh. More precisely, we rest against the inner part of the right thigh with the lower part of the right triceps. The right arm is almost straight. You can rest your left hand on your left knee. This is our starting position.

We take a deep breath and, straining the biceps muscle of the shoulder, lift the dumbbell up to the chest area. At the top point we make a short pause, as much as possible straining the biceps. Then slowly return the dumbbell to its original position. We perform the exercise the planned number of times. Then we do the same approach for the left hand.

Do not use your back muscles during the exercise. Do not swing the case. Your torso should be still. If you have to jerk the weight up, then the dumbbell is too heavy for you. It is necessary to reduce the working weight.

You should also keep your elbow tightly pressed against the inner thigh throughout the entire approach. This will maximize the focus of the load on the biceps brachii.

Concentrated Standing Raise

Let’s look briefly. To perform this exercise, while standing, we take a dumbbell in our hand, bend forward, keep our back straight, rest our elbow on the upper third of the thigh, and in this position we do dumbbell lifts. Basically, the technique is almost identical.

This exercise should be performed on the day of hand training (if you have a separate day for this), after the main exercise, for example this one. Alternatively, you can combine arm training with pulling exercises, such as the upper block row or Romanian deadlift. This exercise should be performed at the end of the workout, as the final touch for grinding the biceps shape. You need to do 3-4 sets for each arm, 10-12 reps in each set.

Include a Concentrated Biceps Curl in your training program and you will increase the peak of the contraction. But let me remind you once again that this should be done only after a certain stage of training, when you have already increased the total mass of the biceps brachii muscle, and there is something to grind. If not, then work to mass.

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