Bodybuilding or Powerlifting. What to choose?

Hello everyone. Today’s article will be useful for novice athletes who are just starting their journey into the fascinating world of iron sports.

Let’s try to figure out what bodybuilding and powerlifting is, what are the differences and similarities, and what to choose.

Bodybuilding or Powerlifting?

In order for us to understand everything thoroughly, it is necessary to define the concepts. So, bodybuilding or bodybuilding is the process of increasing the muscle mass of the body through the application of intense resistance training, which ultimately leads to muscle tissue hypertrophy and the athlete acquiring impressive forms.

In other words, the main goal of a bodybuilder is to build up as much high-quality muscle mass as possible, while getting rid of excess fat, so that at the next competitions, judges and spectators would appreciate the volumes and proportions of a flawless body. For this, bodybuilders use a lot of all kinds of training methods, diet and rest regimes, pharmacological support.

An example of a person involved in bodybuilding, you can see in the photo.

Now let’s talk about powerlifting. Powerlifting is a strength sport in which the athlete aims to lift the maximum weight in the Golden Three exercises (barbell squats, bench press, and deadlift). It follows that the main goal of training a lifter is to increase strength in basic exercises. And since the standards depend on the weight category, lifters try not to gain body weight, staying in a small weight category, while lifting weights 3-4 times higher than their own.

You ask, is it possible? Quite possible. This is achieved by using special training techniques with near-limit weights and a small number of repetitions in the approach. In addition, in training schemes, the main emphasis is on competitive exercises, and auxiliary exercises are performed only in the off-season. There is no purpose to isolate the shins or forearms. I think a person pulling 400 kg cannot have weak forearms. And of course, lifters don’t look like bodybuilders.

We looked at general concepts and training strategies from these two different sports. I stress different. There is no point in comparing them and trying to figure out which is better. This is the same as comparing a helicopter and a dump truck, each has its own goals and methods of achieving them.

You still ask what to choose, bodybuilding or powerlifting ? I will tell you a little secret, knowledge of which is simply necessary for a novice athlete. Whoever you intend to become in the future, now at the initial stage, you need to train according to methods close to the lifters. Your task is to gain as much mass as possible and become stronger, and then in the future, be engaged in grinding, finalizing and honing forms.

So for the first year, and preferably two, devote yourself to basic exercises. Believe me, triceps extensions or dumbbell lifts in front of you will not go anywhere. Focus on hard, basic exercises and you will be successful.

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