Anastan. Myth or reality

Good day, everyone. Today I saw an advertisement for the drug ” Anastan ” on TV. Honestly, I haven’t heard anything about him for a hundred years. I thought the manufacturers closed the production of this drug.

Let’s go back ten years at once. I first learned about this drug from a local newspaper called “Northern Mercury”. One of the pages showed a pumped-up man and a red jar with some kind of magic pills.

I immediately wanted to become the same pumped up, especially since this is not a problem, it is enough just to take anastane. Judging by the description, the drug really has magical properties. The site has the same properties, where you can find out the exact predictions for the upcoming football matches.

Anastan is based on the plant hormone-like substance Ecdysterone. Taking it is harmless to humans and does not cause side effects. In addition, the manufacturer promised an increase in lean muscle mass up to 7 kg per month, an increase in endurance strength and a quick recovery from intense workouts.

Of course, I could not help but order this miracle drug. I saved up money, placed an order and waited. I waited a long time, about a month. And finally, the cherished package is in my hands. The package contained a red plastic jar and a modest instruction.

The first question arose immediately. In a newspaper advertisement, it was said that one can of anastan would be enough for a month. There were 50 white capsules in the jar. According to the instructions, you must take 2 capsules 2 times a day. Through simple mathematical operations, I found out that this can will be enough for me exactly 12 and a half days. This was my first disappointment.

In short, I decided to stretch the reception of Anastan for a month and drink it 1 capsule 2 times a day. A month of hard training has passed. I stand in front of the mirror and try to find at least a hint of 7 kilograms of muscle mass (well, or at least 3.5 kg, since I drank half the dosage). Nothing has changed: the same thin little hands, protruding collarbones and ribs. This was my second disappointment.

For a week I was tormented by doubts that the lack of effect was due to my violation of the dosages, I even wanted to order two packages at once, but the financial situation did not allow me to do this. Which I am very happy now.

Anastan. Myth or reality

All this was long ago and now sounds comical enough. But nevertheless, we will try to figure out what anastan really is.

Anastan is a dietary supplement (BAA) based on plant sterols, in particular ecdisetron, which are contained in the roots of safflower Leuzea, flower pollen. It is from these components that the drug consists. As indicated in the instructions itself, it is used as a means of anabolic, tonic and mild tonic action.

However, according to the literature, to achieve this fortifying and tonic effect, at least 500 mg of ecdisetron is needed, while one capsule of anastan contains only 25 mg, i.e. 20 times less.

Secondly, in 2006, a study was conducted with a large number of athletes, as a result of which scientists concluded that ecdisetron does not in any way affect the growth of muscle tissue and does not increase strength and endurance.

So, I think the question on anastan is closed. And finally, advice: do not get fooled by all sorts of advertisements and colorful labels that promise mountains of muscles in a short time. At best, you will lose money, at worst health. Good luck everyone.

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