Bends with a barbell on the shoulders

Good day, everyone. Today we’ll talk about the back support, namely, bends with a barbell on the shoulders .

This exercise uses the spine extensors, hamstrings and glutes. You’ve probably seen guys who have two massive pillars on either side of their spine. They came about through this exercise. In addition, there is a clear boundary between the gluteal muscles and hamstrings.

Bends with a barbell on the shoulders is an isolating exercise that hones the shape and relief of working muscles. With light weight, this exercise can be used as a warm-up before heavy basic exercises such as deadlifts.

How to Perform Barbell Shoulder Bends

Naturally, for this exercise we need a barbell. If you are using a small weight, then you can take a barbell from the floor and throw it onto your trapezius muscles. If the weight is heavy enough, then I advise you to remove the barbell from the racks (as when squatting with a barbell).

So, we put the barbell on our shoulders. The grip is wide enough so that there is no discomfort and loss of control over the projectile. We fully straighten the torso, straighten the shoulders, and the back slightly bent at the lower back. The nights are slightly bent at the knee joints. This is our starting position.

Take a deep breath and begin to slowly lean forward. In this case, the pelvis should be retracted. The movement is carried out in the hip joints, not in the lumbar spine. This is a very important point. We lower ourselves approximately until the torso is parallel to the floor. After that we return to the starting position. Perform the exercise for the planned number of repetitions.

The nuances of execution

At the moment of overcoming the most difficult point of the trajectory, exhale. This will help you overcome it.

Throughout the approach, keep your back straight and slightly arched in the lumbar spine. Movement should only take place in the hip joints. Otherwise, you will round your back, and subject your lower back to dangerous loads.

If you arch your back and start lifting with a jerk, then the working weight is too heavy. It makes sense to train with light weights, master the correct technique and then gradually increase the working weights.

This exercise requires the athlete to have good coordination of movements and a sense of balance. Out of habit, you can, roughly speaking, peck your nose. If you are fond of sports, but cannot do it, then it will be interesting for you to place a bet on the site

Bends with a barbell on the shoulders are used as an auxiliary exercise in the training scheme of the back muscles. It can also be done after a basic exercise, in the middle or at the end of your back workout. Plus, it can be used on leg workout days, after squats or dumbbell lunges. In general, it all depends on your training program and sports preferences. You need to do 10-12 reps in 3-4 approaches.

Barbell Curls will help you build massive back extensors and firm glutes. So be sure to include this exercise in your workout routine.