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Darproperty mortgage is a mortgage brokerage service provide by Darproperty Tanzania, this service gives an applicant a wide and proper knowledge about the mortgage finance in Tanzania through consultation services provided by the company. Darproperty mortgage has a goal to help people get the best rates and terms they can find on home loans and to provide them with the information they need to become well-informed mortgage customers.

Darproperty mortgage established to reduce the gap between lenders and applicants, the current situation shows that real estate is the fastest growing sector in Tanzania but financing it necessitate a proper knowledge. Number of people who apply for loan is greater compared to the number of people who qualify for it, approximately 3 percent of people in Tanzania qualify for the mortgage. With experience in real estate market, Darproperty Tanzania see the importance of establishing mortgage assistance to applicants to reduce mortgage application challenges.

For that reason, Darproperty mortgage makes it easy and fast to compare rate offers from our network of mortgage lenders, so you can make the best financial decisions for yourself and your family. With the support of TMRC and increasing numbers of mortgage providers, Darproperty mortgage is dedicated to increase the number of home owners in the country. As an independent player in the mortgage industry Darproperty mortgage’s reliability lies with the customer and is committed to ensuring that the customer gets the best and most straightforward deal while acquiring property through advice, support and guidance to the applicants.


Darproperty mortgage is a mortgage brokerage service provide by Darproperty Tanzania,



Is Dar property the mortgage provider?
We as Darproperty we don’t give a mortgage but we provide assistance and guidance toward mortgage application read more>>>

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